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Built from Theory U , which has been studied for over 2 decades at MIT, 1image strategically helps you build and map your business processes to be  scalable and sustainable. We work from an interdisciplinary and holistic perspective to change your processes and implement the teams that will make your business thrive. 

1image provides consulting services that cater to:

Theory of Constraints 

Process Change Management 

Business Mindfulness

Coaching and Consulting

"The quality of results produced by any system depends on the quality of awareness from which people in the system operate." - Theory U

"Your focus determines your reality." - George Lucas

September 7, 2020


About Craig.

Craig Griffiths is a multi-talented entrepreneur who is known by his peers as down to earth, insightful and innovative. With over 30 years of SEO, process change management, and CFO experience, Craig confidently helps new business owners step into their potential and mature business owners become empowered in navigating the ever-growing digital landscapes so their business can continue to scale. He excels at illuminating the blind spots in a business and proposing efficient and effective solutions. 

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